UPDATE: Oklahoma: A Bill that put a Temporary License Cap on Medical Cannabis Businesses

BY Therin Miller | Top Shelf News | March 19, 2021

Medical cannabis businesses are at risk to lose their license as the house passes the bill. House Bill 2272 was passed by The House on March 10 in a 69-21 vote. This bill directs the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority or OMMA to put a cap on the number of licenses starting September 1, 2021.

Unfortunately, this includes a number of active licenses, pending applications submitted before the date.

The bill was created by Representative Josh West in an effort to slow down the state’s growing illicit market industry, said and as reported by Oklahoma’s News 4.

The state has more than 10,000 active licenses for growers, processors, and dispensaries but the bill aims to reduce the number of active to 8,000: 2,000 dispensaries, 1,000 processors, and 5,000 growers.

From September 1, 2021, onwards, licensees that cannot prove the active use of the license for 18 months shall not be authorized to renew the license as per the bill.

The bill is now headed to the Oklahoma Senate and if passed, it will be in effect until September 2023.

The Oklahoma Cannabis Community is holding a Protest at the state capitol to send a message to out-of-touch lawmakers who seek to change the laws. The group plans to Protest and send a resounding "NO" on SB 445 & HB 2272. The protest will be held Sunday, March 21st at 12 PM.