Tumbleweed Hosts Popular Cannabis Cowboy Cup - Despite Pandemic

By The Chronic Staff | Top Shelf News | December 7, 2020

This past weekend, Stillwater's popular dance hall Tumbleweed hosted the second annual cannabis cup dubbed the "Cowboy Cup", despite being in the middle of a global pandemic. It wasn't long before patients started talking about their experiences and posting pictures and videos online, which is bringing forward a lot of controversial opinions about the event.

There are several social media pages and accounts as well as forums that provide an outlet for patients to which they have voiced their frustrations and anxieties about how the "Cowboy Cup" handled their Covid-19 Guidelines.

Patients from across the state took to Reddit, a popular social media forum, to express some of those concerns.

One user commented:

"Absolutely crazy to me how they posted strict guidelines. Masks required, temperatures taken at entrance... everything that was advertised WASNT FOLLOWED THROUGH WITH.
We traveled 2.5 hours to attend, watched the live videos only to see people not masked and smokables being shared. We couldn’t take the risk of bringing covid back to our patients or our families. Thankful we were able to at least network and social distance with those who take this seriously.
This isn’t a joke to us. I hate that it was treated that way this weekend.
Nobody was putting patients health and safety first here."

Another user said:

"So we should avoid our own family,and postpone any holiday gatherings. Then one week later toke down with mask-less strangers at what could be a super spreader fest? No thanks!"

Additionally, we did see some users say that the Cowboy Cup did push out guidelines, but that the enforcement of those guidelines was lax, to say the least.

"Are you requiring masks inside of the heated tents? And will you be asking people to leave if they don't want to wear masks?"
It would be extremely simple to come up with guidelines and enforce them. It's being done successfully in large production sites all over every day. Saying they're not going to be enforcing a mask policy because sometimes it isn't feasible is bull**** and dangerous."

Others had concerns about the industry as a whole:

"It’s funny how the industry pretends to care about the health and safety of patients and then they all attend a big two day smoking party during a highly contagious pandemic."

While it is clear that people were frustrated about the event, others really enjoyed themselves and took the Cowboy Cup as an opportunity to get out of the house and shake off the "cabin fever."

We did reach out to the Cowboy Cup for comment and will update with additional information if it becomes available.