The Future of Workplace Drug Testing & Cannabis

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

Angel Lebailly | | October 14, 2020

Marijuana use is on the rise across the nation as more states ease legalization — according to recently disclosed new data from a popular drug testing company, Quest Diagnostics. Drug use in the workplace, in particular, has shown a remarkable resurgence, especially for marijuana positivity, which is on a 14% rise since 2014, the company reveals. What is the current status of workplace drug testing, and how does it change with the increased legalization of marijuana and the pandemic?


What is the attitude today from employers in the USA toward drug testing? How does marijuana use impact pre-employment screening trends?

In 1988, the Drug-Free Workplace Act was signed to prevent drug use at the workplace. As of today, half of the employers still rely on the Drug-Free Workplace Act. Yet opponents to the Act specifies such a law may create a barrier for employment and doesn't foster employees' protection.

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