Southwest Oklahoma: Pandemic gives Rise to Sales of Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

By Chronic Staff | Recent News | April 27, 2021

Lawton, Oklahoma (TNN) - As Oklahoma’s medical marijuana industry experiences growth, southwest Oklahoma is getting at par with the boom in sales as well.

As observed, some industries experiencing profit loss since the start of the pandemic while the medical marijuana industry in Oklahoma experience otherwise.

Two dispensaries shared their insight. Budtender and Bud’s Medical Marijuana Dispensary said that they catered to customers coming in all day.

As the pandemic has not yet ceased, some people turned to marijuana to alleviate their anxiety and other illnesses.

At the start of the pandemic, it was not as busy as it is now. Buzz Leaf dispensary owner Christopher Moore concluded that maybe people were just bored. It took people getting used to being at home and realized that it is how they will be living for a while, sales increased. New patients came in and Moore shared that he thought it motivated people to get cards and hop on when they could with the downtime.

Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority reported collecting $20.3 million in state and local sales taxed from January to March this year alone.

As we know, medical marijuana is a good option for people who have illnesses and anxiety.

In addition, Oklahoma’s cannabis industry employees exceed the number of construction workers. More than 360,000 Oklahomans have medical marijuana licenses now.