Oklahoma Sold $61 Million Worth of Medical Pot Last Month Despite Quarantine

By Chris Moore | Merryjane.com | May 6, 2020

Oklahoma’s medical cannabis dispensaries sold a record-breaking amount of medical weed last month — more than 1.5 times what Illinois' impressive adult-use market made in April, too.

This week, Illinois regulators announced that the Prairie State's four-month-old adult-use market made an impressive $37 million in sales, beating out the previous two months despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. As impressive as these figures are, they pale in comparison to Oklahoma's medical cannabis industry, which has become one of the country's most robust marijuana markets in less than two years.

Like many states, Oklahoma deemed medical marijuana dispensaries to be essential services during the pandemic, allowing them to continue doing business. But while some states reported slumping sales after an initial rush of panic buying, the Sooner State's medical marijuana patients continued buying weed all throughout April.

Last month, Oklahomans bought $61.4 million worth of medical marijuana, amounting to nearly $217 per patient. The Oklahoma Tax Commission reported receiving almost $9.8 million in state taxes in April, combining the standard state sales tax plus the 7 percent medical cannabis tax. In March, the state collected a record $7.8 million medical marijuana tax revenue, but April's revenue crushed that record by a whopping 25 percent.

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