Oklahoma: Seed-to-Sale Requirement (METRC) Suspended by Judge

By Chronic Staff | Top Shelf News | May 3rd, 2021

A 60-day suspension was ordered by an Oklahoma judge requiring medical cannabis businesses in the state to use the Metrc seed-to-sale tracking system that regulators had contracted for the service.

It was an order by Special Judge Pandee Ramirez of Okmulgee County District Court. It came two weeks after Dr. Z Lead of Tulsa filed a lawsuit to stop the state from implementing the seed-to-sale program which requires businesses to be subjected to Metrc’s tracking platform.

The lawsuit questions if the Oklahoma State Department of Health exceeded its legal authority in terms of the seed-to-sale program.

The attorney who represents Dr. Z Leaf contends that regulators wrongly handed Metrc a monopoly over the service as per The Oklahoman report.

The judge’s order stops the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority from requiring MMJ companies to purchase products like plant tags from Metrc.

The operator of Dr. Z Leaf, Beau Zoellner attest his business already has a good relationship with a different seed-to-sale provider that does not require consumers to buy tags.

It will be on June 29 when the case will be taken up again.

Meanwhile, per the judge’s order, the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority cannot stand in need of businesses to use Metrc while the 60-day suspension is in effect. Businesses must still submit their compliance reports on a monthly basis.