Oklahoma: Lil Wayne launched GKUA, "The Best High of Your Life"

Music and cannabis have a vast history. “If anything is worth selling, it’s art and weed,” Wayne says. “For me, GKUA is a passion project that lets me share more of what I love in life.”

“For me, GKUA is a passion project that lets me share more of what I love in life.”

Celebrities help shape the world of the cannabis industry. Most significantly, cannabis consumers associate it with hip-hop.

On March 23, Lil Wayne, one of the established celebrities and music artists, launched his brand GKUA in the fourth state. As background, GKUA Ultra Premium launched in 2019, after President and co-founder Beau Golob decided to join the cannabis industry. He reached out to music entrepreneur and cannabis connoisseur Lil Wayne. Golob was inspired.

Now, GKUA products are available in California, Michigan, and Colorado. Once Oklahoma completes its launch, GKUA is going to be available at dispensaries across the state, including Cookies OKC, Kush House OKC, Roots Shawnee, Medical Farm-a-seed Lawton, and all three Vertica locations.

It is nice to see that their team aspire to follow the creative process in their product experience by the integration of hip-hop aesthetics into GKUA’s branding, and creating customer-exclusive parties and concerts. As of today, events are only on social media. They are planning to host concerts for vaccinated fans when possible.

According to Kopelman, this holistic, experience-based brand strategy is important to enact GKUA’s slogan: "The Best High of Your Life."

“If anything is worth selling, it’s art and weed” - Lil Wayne

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