Oklahoma Legislature Votes To Let Out-Of-State Residents Get Medical Marijuana, And To Allow Deliver

By Kyle Jaeger | MarijuanaMoment.net | May 18, 2020

The Oklahoma legislature sent a bill to the governor’s desk on Friday that allows out-of-state residents to obtain temporary medical marijuana licenses that last for up to three months and also provides for legal cannabis delivery services.

The legislation, HB 3228, is a comprehensive package containing various policy changes to the state’s medical marijuana program. It would further remove a provision that requires people who aren’t registered cannabis patients to state a valid medical condition if caught possessing marijuana in order to receive a reduced misdemeanor penalty.

If the new bill becomes law, any person, regardless of whether they have a medical condition, will face a misdemeanor punishable by up to $400 and no jail time for first-time possession without a medical cannabis card.

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