Oklahoma: Investigating on Lawbreaking Marijuana Companies

By: Chronic Staff | Recent News | May 14, 2021

There is a wide-range investigation into legal medical marijuana businesses that might be involved in illicit street sales. Oklahoma law enforcement officials are on the lookout and have recently started the investigation.

In the town of Guthrie, one company was raided. OBN or Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics seized dump trucks full of marijuana plants. The bureau also took into custody 11 people who did not speak English as per TV station KOKH. However, no arrests we made in this particular raid.

The facility that was raided had 20 operational greenhouses. Although the business is a legally licensed medical marijuana company, one OBN spokesman said that the agency has information that they are selling on the underground market.

In addition, the bureau confirmed that the company records were fraudulent and that no proper reports on sales were made.

“This is a group that is a criminal organization that’s moving large amounts of marijuana onto the streets and moving a lot of money all over the country,” an OBN spokesman confirmed.

At this time, there are 7,396 licensed growers and 2,214 licensed dispensaries in Oklahoma. The state’s track and trace system is yet to be operational which if so will ensure that all licensees are running business and companies legally.

The bureau also recognize that the Oklahoma MMJ program is likely tempting to lawbreakers given the low barriers to entry and ease which give opportunity to grow unlimited quantities of cannabis that may well be ship across state lines.