Oklahoma Cannabis Petition in Doubt as State Shuts Down Signature Gathering

BY TG Branfalt | GANJAPRENUER.COM | APRIL 01, 2020

Oklahoma’s petition to legalize cannabis is on hold and likely dead for the year amid a 30-day statewide emergency declaration.

Oklahoma Secretary of State Michael Rogers has paused all ballot initiative petition signature-gathering efforts in the state putting the cannabis legalization efforts in the state on hold and in doubt, the Oklahoman reports. Gov. Kevin Stitt declared a 30-day state of emergency on March 15 and Rogers halted all campaign efforts until the declaration is “affirmatively withdrawn.”

Ryan Kiesel, a proponent of SQ 807, told the Oklahoman that even after the order is withdrawn it would be “really difficult, if not impossible to imagine a scenario in which an initiative petition campaign could responsibly and feasibly collect the signatures necessary in order to make the 2020 ballot if that campaign doesn’t already have the signatures on hand.”

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