NE OKC Lab’s License Could Be Revoked as OMMA Files After Fire Marshal Shutdown

By Chronic Staff | Recent News | March 8t, 2021

Oklahoma City – It was submitted by OMMA or The Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority to revoke license and suspend operations of a testing lab in northeast Oklahoma City. It was issued a “stop work” order by the Fire Marshal in December due to not following proper OMMA protocols like heavy metals tests.

Their general manager, Kris Agrawal, said that they have not found any kind of heavy metals on any sample.

It was on the same day that Oklahoma City Fire Marshal alleged the business for not storing hazardous material properly. This was denied by Agrawal.

OMMA filed to ask the court to revoke Nationwide’s license and cease and desist business operations.

It claims “the violations that place the public health and safety at risk and did not have the capability to test for heavy metals.

In addition, “the staff list, complete experience and educational documentation was missing for several employees.” Also, OMMA alleges that it continued to operate in unsafe conditions despite a “stop work “order from Oklahoma City Fire Marshal.

March 3 when Nationwide's attorney had a statement that the company denies the allegations, Nationwide Engineering and Testing, LLC, takes them seriously and investigating and exploring all legal options.

A possible revocation hearing might be scheduled at a later time.