Moon Mix Ordered to Cease Operations, Facing Large Fine For Untested Products

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

By Kayla Johnson | Oklahoma Chronic Magazine | July 21, 2020

Oklahoma cannabis company Moon Mix has been in the news over the last two months, since the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority issued the industry's first recall regarding a batch of their products back in May. A second recall was issued in June, for an additional two batches, causing serious concern among patients about the safety of their vape cartridges.

Now, two months after the initial recall was issued, the OMMA has ordered the company to completely cease operations, after the Authority's investigation found that all three batches contained pesticide levels well above legal limits. According to the OMMA, Moon Mix not only failed to test these batches as legally required and continued to sell them, but they purchased cannabis without first acquiring test results on multiple occasions, and purchased product from out of state.

Various news outlets have reported many patients feeling sick or developing blisters in their mouth after using products from these batches, and the OMMA reported that the company also sold directly to friends and family, an act not allowable under Oklahoma's cannabis law.

In addition to being ordered to shut down their operation, Moon Mix is facing a hefty fine of over $500,000, and some patients who have been impacted by their products are considering legal action.

This situation underlines just how important it is to hold cannabis businesses and growers accountable for the product that's being released into the market. There's room for everyone to succeed here, but it's vital that both patients and industry members continue to ask for and push for test results. It not only keeps patients safe, but also helps protect the industry from unsafe business practices being allowed to flourish.