Mexico: Legalization Process of Cannabis in Chaos

By Chronic Staff | Top Shelf News | April 28, 2021

In Mexico, the weed activists are using circus arts to make a protest against the Senate’s decision of delaying the pot law process. This is the 4th time in the span of 2 years.

Activists from Planton 420 set up for clowns and circus performers in order to participate in the protest called Bread and Circuses on the first of May, following the Senate’s last day of passing the bill. This is after the Supreme Court approved of a third extension last year.

Pepe Rivera, the Planton 420 leader, said that the mascot is a weed leaf and is juggling bread. This is an expression from a satire by Roman poet Juvenal after the devious generation of approval through satisfaction of the public's most basic needs such as food.

Most Senate commissions this month approved the cannabis bill. However, on April 8, Senate President Eduardo Ramirez Aguilar confirmed that senators applied for another extension. If this will be approved, the extension will be until September. This will give time to revise the proposed law through legislative election come June.

It’s been discussed that the Senate asked for more time to allow fixing of inconsistencies and human rights violations as per the lower house.

Meanwhile, the activists and circus performers who called out the problematic draft prior to approval will dress in weed-themed costumes and walk on the Mexican Supreme Court to demand the law is passed.

The activist movement is not part of any political party.