Marijuana businesses must perfect customer experience for coronavirus-spurred preorders

By Solomon Israel | | December 10, 2020

This spring, the coronavirus pandemic turned the traditional retail model on its head—and marijuana retailers and dispensaries were no exception.

Across North America, public-health guidelines prompted retail stores to offer online preordering to be fulfilled via in-store pickup, curbside pickup or home delivery. For many marijuana retailers, the rapid shift meant upgrading existing preorder programs or rushing to create new operating procedures from scratch.

Cannabis retailers interviewed by Marijuana Business Magazine say a well-designed preordering system can bring rewards, including:

  • An opportunity to capture new clients in search of pandemic-friendly shopping experiences.

  • Boosting sales of certain products that might have been overlooked previously.

  • A new way to manage customer queues in busy markets.

Achieving those goals requires rethinking customer service and paying extra attention to ensure a seamless experience for shoppers of all technological comfort levels.

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