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Live Rosin Pen: Kiamichi Skies

By Melissa Hall | Cannabis Reviews | Sept. 28, 2020

Trends in cannabis concentrates have brought us through shatter, wax, crumble, sugar, diamonds and even resin and live resin. Well my fellow Cannabis enthusiasts, the trends are starting to cease paving the way for the future of Cannabis concentrates. Whole Plant Flash Frozen Live Ice Water Hash Rosin. Kind of a mouthful, and otherwise known as Live Rosin. Live Rosin is the caviar of concentrates. It is more expensive and time-consuming to extract but completely worth it. My new love affair with Live Hash Rosin has led me in pursuit of the most superior Live Rosin products on the Oklahoma Market. I delightfully came across a product I am now simply calling “The Future”. Cannabis Cup Winner Kiamichi Skies Live Rosin DAB Pen.

The future is here my friends, this amazing little pen is disposable, solventless, full spectrum, 100% organic and the most convenient product I have came across in a long time. Did I mention the quality? With an amazing flavor that guarantees a smooth hit, this dandy little pen provides full spectrum results and medical effects with no problems. Before you say you don’t “vape”, Neither do I. This is not your stereotypical vape, hence the name DAB pen. The solventless component to the Kiamichi pen is what sets it apart. No solvents like BHO or other chemicals are used providing full plant Cannabis benefits making it a safe alternative to traditional Vape pens and cartridges.

Allowing for discreet usage and taking the place of pipes, bongs, rigs, and even lighters, this futuristic little gem proves great to medicate on the go, for parents or anyone not wanting to keep paraphernalia around, for absolutely anyone that wants full concentrated Cannabis effects. It is truly smaller than a writing pen and with its sleek design does not draw any more attention than desired. It is self pulling, meaning you literally simply open the package and inhale, there are no batteries or chargers to mess with. The quality of the pen is supreme, leaving no complaints and exquisite function. What is even more interesting than the Kiamichi DAB pen is the extraction method itself that produces the concentrate that goes into this dabbing delight and the Company itself that makes them.

Recently, I had the opportunity and pleasure of sitting down with Kiamichi Skies founder and owner Paul Grayson as he was on his way to speak at The Denver Indo Expo. Retired from the software industry, Grayson knew he always wanted his own company. Legalization of Cannabis in Oklahoma proved to be much more than a personal convenience for Grayson. “I had always loved Cannabis and I knew this was what I wanted to pursue in my next venture.” Grayson said as he recapped his impressive past career and new company. At Kiamichi Skies, the phrase patients over profits exhibits a whole new meaning. “I wanted to offer patients the best quality product for the most affordable price on the market.” Grayson stated. And Kiamichi Skies has done just that. With simple, yet sleek packaging that is also biodegradable and controlling product quality from literal seed to sale, Kiamichi Skies is able to offer patients a true affordable product. Kiamichi Skies also makes all live rosin edibles among other things., But again, the reason my interest was spiked is the unequivocal quality that Grayson and his team is is putting out.

Every single one of Kiamichi’s products starts at the seed. Using choice genetics from breeders like Capulator, ONI seeds, Humboldt seeds and Seedsman among others, superior quality control is obtained. Nothing is outsourced that goes into their rosin. Even the living soil they use is made by them. The flower is sun grown, and I can attest, it is better in favor, scent and especially effects than most indoor flower I have ever tried. This is what makes the live rosin a true 100% organic using no solvents, the reason Live Hash Rosin is so popluar is the flower is fresh frozen, Which preserves terpene and cannabinoid profiles and gives it an amazing flavor. It’s made using pure reverse osmosis ice and ice water, the trichomes are separated. No chemicals are used just ice, water and agitation.Then, it is refined using micron screens where the trichome heads are separated leaving what most call bubble hash or ice water hash. The the ice water hash is pressed, just like flower rosin is, using low heat and pressure with the end result being completely solventless and 100% cannabis.

The portability, extreme quality, convenience and the 100% organic component gives

The Kiamichi Skies DAB Pen an edge in an ever growing market. Nothing was missed or skipped in manufacturing this little smokers little helper. This is one product you don’t want to sleep on. Remember to medicate responsibly and Stay Lit Oklahoma.

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