Learn the Best Jobs in the Cannabis Industry

By Therin Miller | Resources | March 29, 2021

There are more jobs than you can imagine not working directly with the plant itself if you are worried that you do not have a green thumb to do so.

Accountants are needed in the industry to maintain accurate financial records. Their main tasks are managing money, navigating taxes, obtaining credit, and processing payments. CPA certification is needed and a degree in accounting preferred.

Digital Media manager puts communications at a different level by content writing, email marketing, influencer marketing, and SEO. A degree in communications is preferred in this job.

An electrician is mainly responsible for the air conditioning maintenance and repair, carpentry, heating maintenance and repair, plumbing.

While an executive assistant requires interpersonal communication to execute responsibilities such as bookkeeping, drafting business correspondence, office management and personal and business errands.

Graphic designing is responsible to conceptualize, design and improve logos and advertising materials such as product labels and website interface.

All of the jobs will not be as organized without a Human Resources Manager who administers benefits programs, employee training, creating job postings, managing disciplinary issues and recruiting, hiring, and onboarding employees.

Human Resources manager is also responsible hiring IT Manager, lawyers, marketing director, paralegal, production manager, sales representative, security guard, web developer, and writers.

With the legality in place and still in progress, you can now think of a career in the industry.