Despite the Coronavirus, Oklahoma Marijuana Dispensaries Generated $7.8 Million in Taxes

The Chronic Staff | The Oklahoma Chronic | April 10, 2020

Taxes collected from Oklahoma's Medical Marijuana Industry reached its highest ever last month.

In the biggest month since the legalization of medical marijuana, Oklahoma's Cannabis dispensaries generated $7.8 Million in taxes.

The $7.8 million consists of the 7% medical marijuana tax collected on all medical marijuana sales, this total also includes any state and local taxes, both of which saw an increase in March.

The steady growth of taxes collected shows that the medical marijuana industry in Oklahoma is booming and still has room for growth.

That growth has slowed somewhat from last year as the was a surge of new marijuana dispensaries coming to market.

"It's over-saturated in a sense, but every other day somebody else is closing their doors so that's why it's kind of hard to tell where this is going," According to Talor Reazin owner of Okie Kush Club "I know that on the consumer side of marijuana growing, it's booming right now. You can't sell enough flower."