Cannabis Oral Rinse: To Help Ease Some of the Symptoms and Reduce the Spread of COVID

Chronic Staff | Top Shelf News | February 11, 2021

Lethbridge, Alta - Two biology professors from the University of Lethbridge, Igor and Olga Kovalchuk, spent years on cannabis research to generate new hybrids that might give healing properties.

Lessening of cell receptors can happen from 80% standpoint in order to slow down the time it gets into the body system. It is how pathogens work, same as viruses. COVID is not exempt. Dr. Kovalchuk said that SARS CoV-2 attacks the lungs, the intestine and the oral cavity. This is one reason both doctors partnered with the Good Pharmaceutical Development company.

A clinical study on the oral rinse is currently in process but findings are positive. Although the mouthwash is in no way designed for people experiencing severe COVID-19 symptoms, in the data analysis, they found to decrease notable symptoms after 14 days of treatment. This is as per Dr. Larry Good. The company, Good Pharma, is in negotiation with an investment bank and a distribution company in the US.

How it works is like your ordinary mouthwash but it has to be swallowed thereafter. It has to be vigorously swished around the mouth and then swallowed. The time it takes to regain a sense of smell and taste will be tracked. When it is successful, in the US, selling will be over the counter. However, it will be different for Canada.

Health Canada put new rules that only parts of the plant can go into natural products that do not have the active ingredient. In this case, Dr. Igor Kovalchuk expressed sentiment that it completely defies the purpose because how can he develop a natural product without cannabinoids or terpenes. Although it might get released in the US, it will be harder to get approval from Canada for distribution.

Specialists although say a successful immunization program is the most reliable in battling the spread of the virus. Humanity is still finding other ways to lessen the symptom and eventually fight the virus itself like cannabis researchers, doctors, and pharmaceutical companies that are willing to support it.