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The Oklahoma Chronic magazine online currently boasts 24,000 ad impressions (views) per month and has a huge, dedicated fan-base. is constantly improving it's website and design and online features to give our advertisers even better value and visibility. Our new website has various sections that include:

  • Up-to-date news

  • Feature articles

  • Product reviews

  • Growing information

  • Celebrity interviews

  • Event coverage

  • Featured blogs

  • Monthly newsletter

  • Giveaways

Ad positions are first come, first serve. We have 3 main ad positions.

- Branding Leaderboard Ad (displayed by our logo and is found at the top of every page.

- Featured News Sponsor (displayed with our best content)

- Footer Sponsor (displayed in the footer of every a page) a lower cost option that still gets great visibility.

- Pop-Up Ad on homepage, meant for new product releases, location openings or other special occasions.

- Static Banner premium position that runs across the bottom of the page meant for upcoming time sensitive events.

In-house, we currently offer advertorials (which is a fancy name for paid, promotional content). Your article remains on the website eternally, so is great for SEO as it is not posted through an Ad Server. We also offer do-follow hyperlinks for SEO purposes, video ads and social channel ads.

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